New Jersey Lawn Care News

New Jersey Lawn Care News

Spring Lawn Care Tip: Raking, Get Ready

Raking is always Number 1 for a healthy, green lawn. You may ask why if you raked leaves in the fall, why is it needed in the spring? Raking is more than just removing leaves: it's for controlling "thatch", too. Thatch is a buildup of soggy, dead, partially decomposed plant matter. A thatch build-up of more than 1/2 inch is considered excessive.

Once the lawn does dry out, the single best thing you can do is give it a good raking.  Raking with an old-fashioned hard tine rake removes winter debris and opens up the air spaces between grass plants allowing air to penetrate down into the crown to combat developing fungus problems.   As you survey your lawn in spring, see if there are any matted patches of grass. This can be caused by a disease known as snow mold.   New grass will have difficulty penetrating these matted patches.   But a light raking will take up the matted patches or thin them out.  Raking also removes any dead or dying grass plants and this too is good for the health of the lawn.  Think of raking as giving your lawn a good spring housecleaning.  Even if you completed a heavy Fall cleanup, it's still recommended that you do a Spring raking, so that grass that died in winter doesn’t become thatch.

Just when you should perform spring raking will depend upon Mother Nature.  When you are pretty sure the snow season is over, begin raking. As a rule of thumb, applying preemergent herbicides should be done between the time forsythia bushes stop blooming and the time of lilac bushes begin blooming.

Get Ready for the upcoming Lawn Season.  If you are doing your own cultural practices, i.e. mowing, raking, and watering, change the oil in the mower and sharpen or replace the blades.  This way, when you have to mow, you’ll be doing it with a machine ready for summer’s long haul.  Make sure your sprinkler systems are in good working order, or schedule sprinkler system turn on.  If you are using a Lawn Service schedule a spring clean-up and set up mowing services for the year.






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