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Late Spring Lawn Care Tip: Mowing, watering and Tree Pests

Mowing is always Number 1 cultural practice for a healthy, green lawn. Mowing should be done frequently, so that you only remove one third of the grass blade.  When you remove more than one third of the grass blade you are doing two things.  First, you are removing all the food and stimulating the plant to make more tissue to support food for that plant.  This means that what little food that remains potentially goes to new growth and your roots are going to starve and die.  Starved dying roots are short thirsty roots going into the summer.  Secondly, the shorter you cut your grass, the shorter you roots are.

Lawns should be cut higher than 3" and should be cut when the lawn is about 4". 

When cutting your lawn make sure you have a sharp blade on the lawn mower.  Cutting the grass with a dull blade shreds the leaf tip and causes water loss and a brownish cast instead of an Extreme Green.

Sprinkler and watering systems:

Don't be too hasty to turn on the irrigation system or sprinkler.  Have your sprinkler system checked by a professional to insure all areas have proper coverage.  It may be necessary to add sprinkler heads or more zones to cover all areas of the lawn.

Please contact us at 732-787-1488 for proper watering times and frequency this is based on soil structure and current weather conditions.

Spring Tree Pests:

Watch out for Eastern Tent caterpillars and Pine saw Flies:

The tent of an eastern tent caterpillar is among the largest built by any caterpillar.  The tents are constructed in the crotch of a host tree. These caterpillars can devastate an entire tree before it moves onto the next tree.  Look for these pests in fruit trees.

Pine saw flies are a common pest of pines.  The larvae are caterpillar like with three pairs or thoratic legs and eight pairs of prolegs on the abdomen.  They usaully feed in groups and strip one branch of needles before moving on to the next branch.  They prefer older needles.  When defoliation is severe the tree dies.

These caterpillars and pine saw flies can be treated to prevent injury to your landscape with and insect control spray by Extreme Green Lawns.

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