About Our NJ Lawn Care Company

About Our NJ Lawn Care Company

Extreme Green

For over 15 years, Extreme Green Personalized Lawn Care has been creating and maintaining beautiful, lush green lawns in Ocean and Monmouth Counties. To achieve the best results for your lawn, you need a team that has the in-depth knowledge and understanding of lawn care to maintain it.

Owners John Grumino and Matt Winters create and care for the best lawns in Central New Jersey. We know exactly what it takes to make each lawn the best it can be. From chemical treatments to fertilizers to pest control and seeding, our comprehensive lawn care services are just what your lawn needs to be its best.

As a highly skilled and reputable NJ lawn care company, Extreme Green has been featured in leading industry publications:

Extreme Green pledges to be courteous and on time, so you will be completely satisfied with your lawn. We will return to your property for free service calls until you are satisfied - or we'll refund your last application.

John Grumino, owner of Extreme Green Lawn Care in Middletown, N.J., avoids callbacks for crabgrass problems by using a specialty herbicide in fertilizer.

"I wanted to apply the best product available to control crabgrass when I started my business," Grumino says. "And using my secret has paid off. We had zero customer callbacks for crabgrass last year."

With more than 600 accounts to service, it would be costly and a major hassle for Grumino to re-treat. "There is no other product that does what our products do on crabgrass. It definitely saves me money down the road."

Our clients are all sent a copy of our consumer info sheet, as well as a complete list of product names, labels and materials safety data sheets. This information is available upon request - please contact us.