NJ Lawn Care Specialty Services

Lawn Fertilization Programs

Our comprehensive lawn care and lawn fertilization programs have been successful in creating and maintaining the most beautiful green lawns in Monmouth County and Ocean County, NJ. From grass seeding and crabgrass control to weed control and fertilizer, our NJ lawn care programs are thorough and expertly administered.

Tree and Shrub Care
At Extreme Green, we know what it takes to make your landscape come to life. Our NJ tree care and shrub care experts have the knowledge and expertise to ensure a high quality appearance for your landscape and home in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

Beneficial Lawn Services
An application of lime will act as a soil conditioner, allowing the soil to take in needed nutrient as well as changing the pH of the soil.

Grub Control
This once a year application will guarantee your lawn from any grub damage that may occur. (If damage does occur from grubs, Extreme Green will renovate those areas.)

Aeration/ Seeding
This process will increase air, water and nutrients in the soil while introducing newer varieties of turf which are more resistant to insects and diseases.

Slit Seeding
This process is the best way to renovate any lawn that is thin. The seed is planted into the soil and with proper watering, germination is guaranteed.

Flea and Tick
This process will help diminish the flea and tick population.